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HD Insurance has been giving peace of mind to the residents of Amarillo and surrounding areas of the Panhandle for more than 20 years. When it comes to Amarillo insurance you will find that we have excellent coverage for auto insurance, home insurance, commercial, and much more! When it comes to protecting our customers, nothing is more important, and our caring agents keep proving that time and time again. Here at HD Insurance, we have one of the world’s most powerful claims networks, along with an impressive portfolio with discounts to fit almost any budget, including auto insurance, home insurance, medical insurance and much more.
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Amarillo Insurance You Can Trust!

We understand that insurance coverage is something you pay for but hope to never have to use. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that your insurance costs remain affordable. Our local adjusters make it convenient for you to file a claim and get a speedy resolution. Having your property repaired or replaced quickly means you can move on with your life after an accident or unfortunate event. We offer our customers all of the coverage options they may need or want, and we guarantee our customers the best rates. Not only do we promise the best rates, but we also customize your insurance plan(s) specifically to meet your needs! No more wasted money on premiums for protection you don’t even need.

An Amarillo Insurance Agency You Can Trust!

HD Insurance is thrilled to be able to offer insurance coverage to our Amarillo area customers in all of the following areas:

  • Amarillo auto insurance
    We’ve put a lot of thought into achieving the highest standard of car insurance claim service. When you choose HD Auto Insurance, your accident claims will receive prompt attention and action. HD Insurance offers liability insurance, which will keep your car covered if you should cause an accident. Our Vehicle Coverage plans include Comprehensive and Collision. This type of coverage will help you if your vehicle becomes damaged via a natural disaster, fire, or theft. We are also pleased to offer Medical Coverage, which covers medical bills that may arise if you or anyone riding with you is injured in a car accident wherein you were the driver.
  • Home/property insurance
    In order to ensure that your home and property will be protected against disasters like fire, theft and extreme weather, it’s important to have a Homeowners’ Insurance policy. It’s also required by lenders that you maintain at least a minimal level of “hazard insurance” for your home insurance. Ask us about specialized coverage for flood insurance, earthquake insurance or other specialized policies that you may desire for your home insurance coverage.
  • Life insurance
    Although difficult to think about, we want you to be covered in case of an untimely death. Term life insurance offers coverage for your dependents for a certain number of years, as decided by you, after your death. Whole life insurance will provide protection for your entire life rather than for a set number of years. We offer competitive Term and Whole Life policies.
  • Health insurance
    We offer unique, personalized health care plans that are exactly what our clients have been looking for. Instead of blindly choosing a health care coverage program after looking at a piece of paper, our insurance brokers sit down with customers one on one to help them understand our different policies.
  • Antique auto insurance
    If you own an antique car or classic vehicle, it may not be adequately covered by traditional car insurance policies. Our Antique Auto Insurance is available to motor vehicles that are ten or more years old if they are of special historical interest. We also cover antique cars that are 25 or more years old.
  • Motor home insurance
    While you are enjoying the open road in your motorhome, it is important to have reliable motorhome insurance coverage for the safety of everyone traveling with you, and for the safety of your motorhome as well.
  • Vacation home insurance
    Your vacation home or secondary residence is an important part of your life, but it isn’t your primary residence. We offer you seasonal and vacation homeowners’ policies that provide you with exactly the coverage you are looking for.
  • Boat/ATV insurance
    If you live an active life and are looking to ensure your boat or all-terrain vehicle, we are pleased to offer you flexible payment plans that will work for any budget!
  • Title bonds
    You may need a title bond in order to register your vehicle, sell your vehicle and purchase insurance for your vehicle. We can help you obtain the bonded title that you require.
  • Business Insurance
    Your business is your life. We can give you peace of mind that all that you’ve worked so hard for will be well-protected.

In addition to the above areas, we also provide Farm Insurance. Because so many of Amarillo’s residents are farm owners, we offer quality coverage that will protect your farm for future generations of your family. As every farm is different, HD Insurance will create a customized plan for your farm that may include protection for your home, crops, hail damage, equipment/machinery, livestock, and horse mortality.

Whether you’re in need of coverage for your home, health, farm, auto(s), business or more, HD Insurance has you covered. What makes us different from the many other insurance providers in the area who may offer the same type(s) of coverage? It’s simple – we can give you a competitive advantage over any other insurance provider because we offer the best rates around! Also, when you entrust us with insuring you in multiple areas, we are able to offer you significant discounts on your rates when compared to other agencies.

Having a local Amarillo insurance agency has many advantages. HD Insurance offers our customers two convenient locations in order to make it easy for you to visit us when you need assistance. Stop by either one of our locations in Amarillo or Stratford to speak to our experienced team of professionals, and let us know how we can serve you. Or simply call us today or fill out our quote request form to receive a free quote regarding your insurance protection needs. With HD Insurance, we’ve got you covered!