We help protect your home.

For most, home insurance is a non-negotiable. If you have to take out any kind of loan or mortgage for your home, chances are, you will be required to have it insured. And why wouldn’t you? Your home is a major investment, possibly the largest that you’ll have. In the event of an emergency or catastrophic event, home insurance gives you peace of mind that even if there is damage and destruction done to your home, you’ve prepared ahead of time and are covered.

The type of home insurance that you purchase and the different amounts and kinds of coverage that you choose depend on multiple factors. Where you live, how much your assets are worth, and how much you can afford all play into what your personal home insurance policy will look like.

Depending on your location and the age, value, or structural integrity of your home, you may be interested in different types of coverage for different catastrophes. Fires, high winds, floods, tornados, earthquakes, and sewer backups can all cause major damage to your home. We would love to take the time to sit down with you and discuss what kind of coverage you are looking for. We don’t want you to be paying for a policy that you’ll never need, but we care that you and your family are covered when disaster strikes.

We offer the following:

Some assets that you may want to cover in addition to your actual dwelling are:

  • carpeting
  • furniture
  • jewelry
  • antiques
  • fine art
  • clothing
  • detached buildings on your property
Again, every family is different, and has different needs and expectation when it comes to how their home will be insured.  We will work with you to determine the value of your property and the appropriate coverage for you.

Home insurance is something that you pay for but hope to never really need. We understand that and don’t want you paying more than necessary for a service that won’t ever be utilized. However, we also care about you, your family, your property, and your sanity. We want to be able to be there when you need us and we don’t want you to be surprised or disappointed when you find out what your insurance policy covers (or doesn’t cover)! That’s why we make it our goal to talk our customers through the process of deciding and defining what their individual home insurance policy will look like. We want it to be your policy, not ours!
So please, do not hesitate to call us today and get a free quote! We look forward to getting to know you and providing quality customer service and great insurance coverage for you and your home.