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Homeowners insurance is something we all know we must have but hope to never have to use. Let’s face it, if you’re putting your home insurance policy to use it means that you’ve more than likely experienced some kind of natural disaster, and that’s no laughing matter.

Although we realize that you don’t want to have to use our services,  you’ll be glad we’re here when tough times hit. Our Amarillo home insurance protection has your biggest investment (your home) completely protected in the event of a catastrophic event or emergency. When our customers live through a weather catastrophe and realize their homes have been ruined or sustained significant damage, Ivy Insurance is here to help.

As the saying goes: Everything’s bigger in Texas. That goes for weather events much of the time, as well. Destructive weather is not something Texans like to brag about, but unfortunately, they do win a lot of awards in that arena.

High Texas winds in 2015 caused major damage to homes all across our service area. Along with high speed winds, Texas is prone to other extreme weather systems like heavy rains and hail. As we said, we go big here in the Lone Star State!

In all seriousness – a catastrophic weather event can be utterly devastating to an uninsured homeowner in Texas. It’s important that you keep your home and property adequately covered by insurance so that you are not taken by surprise by Mother Nature.

Working with our team at Ivy Insurance, you’ll be able to determine precisely what type of homeowners insurance is right for you and your property. We will guide you toward the coverage that you need most and will benefit most from. We also take into account your budget when we are setting up your insurance plan details.

When you work with a reputable Amarillo insurance agency like Ivy Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interests at heart, and we truly listen when you tell us what you need from us.

We’ll always take into consideration:

  • Your location in Texas. Some areas of Texas are more prone to different types of harsh weather than others, and we can insure you with the right kind of coverage for your area.
  • How old your home is. Because a home loses some of its structural integrity as it grows older, this is an important factor for us to consider.
  • Any equity in your home.
  • The total value of all of your assets (personal property) inside the home, other than the actual home itself.
  • The amount you can comfortably afford to pay for your monthly insurance premium.

Our Amarillo Insurance company is proud to have been serving the Texas panhandle region for over two decades. Taking care of our customers is our number one priority – in good weather and in bad.

Ivy Insurance has an extensive and expansive claims network and customers who speak our praises loudly. Regardless of what type of insurance coverage you are looking for, we’ve got you covered all the way.